About Us

Who We Are

Pocasset Naturals was founded in the village of Pocasset on Cape Cod in 2017 by Steph Brandt. Steph lives in Pocasset with her husband and their two dogs, Jas & Juneau. Our company handcrafts natural bath and body care products made using only high quality, plant based natural oils, natural pigments, natural additives and only essential oils so you get clean naturally.  

What is in Our Products?

Our products are handcrafted in small batches with skin nurturing oils such as organic cocoa butter, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.  Each soap, body scrub, and lip balm is scented with only essential oils and colored naturally with clays and other natural pigments.  Natural additives including oatmeal, calendula petals, and chamomile are also used to enhance our products.

Why Get Clean Naturally?

In a bath and body product world full of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other  harmful chemicals, you can  feel good about putting simple, all natural ingredients on your body when you use Pocasset Naturals products.

Every Pocasset Naturals Product is Unique

Nature varies therefore natural handcrafted products are unique. Every bar of soap, scrub and lip balm will differ in color and design.  

We Love the Earth

We strive to provide packaging that is made out of recycled fibers and is able to be reused or recycled after use.  All packaging used in shipment of items are made of recycled materials and we encourage you to reuse or recycle.  

We Fight for Change

Pocasset Naturals speaks up for our environment, the safety of our food, and the safety of personal care products.  We follow the work of the Environemental Working Group, Friends of the Earth Action, Food & Water, and many other activist groups who are working to make a change in our world. 

Get Involved

Check out the work of the Environmental Working Group, Friends  of the Earth, Food & Water Watch