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About Us

Who We Are


Pocasset Naturals was founded in the village of Pocasset on Cape Cod in 2017 by Steph Brandt. Steph lives in Pocasset with her husband and their two dogs, Jas & Juneau. Our company handcrafts natural bath and body care products in small batches using only pure essential oils, high quality plant based oils, natural pigments, and natural additives so you get clean naturally.  

Benefits of Getting Clean Naturally

Why Choose Pocasset Naturals Body Care?


Pure Essential Oils  

Pure essential oils are a natural choice for scenting our products since they are steam-distilled pure plant extracts.  Essential oils also have many benefits including positive affect of physical, emotional and mental health including mood enhancement, relief of migraine pain, fatigue, inflammation, stress, and skin ailments.

Luxury Plant Based Oils

All of our products are handcrafted with skin nurturing oils that come right from mother nature.  Avocado, Coconut, Olive, Castor, Organic Palm, Organic Cocoa Butter & Organic Beeswax are rich moisturizing oils that enhance your skin naturally. 

Natural Clays

Clays derived from the earth are what we use to color our products.  Rose Clay, Green Zeolite, Brazilian Purple Clay, and Indigo bring life to our soaps as well as cleanse, detoxify, and pull impurities out to make your skin healthier and soft.

Natural Additives

Poppy seeds, chamomile, oatmeal,  calendula, Dead Sea salt & organic sugar naturally enhance our products. Each additive has skin nurturing properties including anti-inflammation, skin ailment relief including acne, bug bites, and rashes, and skin rejuvenation. 


Every Pocasset Naturals Product is Unique

Nature varies therefore natural handcrafted products are unique. Every bar of soap, scrub and lip balm will differ in color and design.  

We Love the Earth

We strive to provide packaging that is made out of recycled fibers and is able to be reused or recycled after use.  All packaging used in shipment of items are made of recycled materials and we encourage you to reuse or recycle.  

We Fight for Change

Pocasset Naturals speaks up for our environment, the safety of our food, and the safety of personal care products.  We follow the work of the Environemental Working Group, Friends of the Earth Action, Food & Water, and many other activist groups who are working to make a change in our world. 

Get Involved

Check out the work of the Environmental Working Group, Friends  of the Earth, Food & Water Watch

Get to Know the Benefits of Getting Clean Naturally


Essential oils

Lavender-fresh, herbaceous, light, floral scent-soothing, relaxing, calms nerves, helps you sleep, & aides burns, bruises, itching, and headaches. 

Ylang ylang-floral, delicate, perfume-like scent-promotes euphoria & relaxation,  lowers blood pressure. thought to be an  aphrodisiac. 

Spearmint-fresh, sweet minty scent-stimulating and reviving. Soothes nausea, headaches, and asthma.

Peppermint-strong, minty scent-cooling, refreshing, revitalizing, & stimulating.  Soothes headaches, nausea, and muscular aches/rheumatoid arthritis.

Orange-citrusy sweet scent-uplifting, refreshing, and has slight sedative properties.  Good for stress as it is an antidepressant.

Rosemary-fresh, herb-like scent-good for clearing one’s mind, fatigue, and grief. Has antiviral properties, and can be used as decongestant, relief for muscle aches, and immunity stimulant. 

Cedarwood-dry, woodsy, balsamic scent-balancing, grounding, and strengthening. Often used to promote self control and balance spirituality.  Good for acne, dry hair, oily skin, immunity booster, rheumatism, and Insect repellant.

Lemongrass-fresh, lemony, grassy scent-good for the mind, irritability, mental fatigue, stress, & nervous exhaustion.  Used as Mild insect repellant, mild cases of athlete’s foot, & good for cellulite. 

Pink grapefruit-citrusy scent-uplifting, promotes happy thoughts & good for concentration. Helps with migraines, hangovers, pms symptoms, and as an antibacterial.  

Geranium-sweet floral scent with fruity undertones-good for stress, calming nerves, relaxed, intense focus. 


Coconut- skin protecting, moisturizing & soothing 

Olive-skin moisturizing, antioxidant rich with vitamins A & E, anti-inflammatory

Avocado-skin softening, regenerating, & moisturizing

Palm-skin restorative with the antioxidant vitamin e & refatting agents 

Castor-skin moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, & rich in proteins, minerals & vitamin e

Cocoa butter-skin hydrating, soothing, moisturizing, & vitamin rich

Beeswax-skin enhancing & moisturizing

Dead sea Salt-mineral rich, restores and rejuvenates skin as it promotes a healthy skin metabolism. Reduces psoriasis, relieves stress, & reduces cellulite

Organic sugar-hydrating skin humectant, gentle exfoliant


Calendula-anti-inflammatory, often used in medicinal preparations to cure rashes, sunburns, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites and other mild skin irritations 

Poppy seeds-gentle skin exfoliant

Green zeolite clay-high purity, exceptional absorption properties, including odor absorption and ion exchange.  mild scrub and cleansing agent & detoxifying agent

Brazilian Purple clay- anti-aging, detoxifying, & restores softness to the skin. Also has high levels of  Magnesium which enhances healthy skin cells

Rose clay-cleans and purifies the skin. Mild exfoliating powers, helps to detoxify the skin by drawing impurities from pores

Indigo-natural colorant

Chamomile-helps to relieve acne, wounds, cuts, burns, rashes, and insect bites. treats restlessness, trauma, & anxiety as it relaxes and soothes

Oatmeal-anti-inflammatory agent, anti-oxidant rich. soothes eczema, psoriasis and poison ivy. Reduces pores,  Skin balancing, mild exfoliant that fights the aging process